the Top of the World

Walking the track to the Organ Pipes

Mia surveying the view from the Organ Pipes

looking back at the end of the Otago Peninsula from the track

Buttars Peak - wild rock daisies

Buttars Peak - the view back to Blueskin Bay and Warrington

The temperatures soared, and we climbed a hill. An oldie but a goodie – the Organ Pipes track leading to Buttars Peak. The walk is gorgeous, rich, lush, sumptuous, and filled with bird-call. The view is incomparable – a full 360 of Dunedin from on high. A lovely way to spend a hot Sunday – if you are local I couldn’t recommend this walk more. I hope you all had a happy and relaxed weekend too x


Wandering - Mia with her new camera, looking out over Otago Harbour

Wandering - Mia swinging

Wandering - Pohutakawa, Otago Harbour

Wandering - Max swimming at Back Beach

Wandering -Otago Harbour, looking across to Harwood

We went wandering today, my little girl and I, with our cameras in our hands. Hers a slinky black compact Santa gave her, mine a len-sy SLR. We started with the intention of taking a short walk, but lasted 90 minutes of wandering the hills and bays of Port Chalmers, snapping along the way. A joyful way to spend a day – and aren’t the photo’s so very blue at the moment.

growing wild

growing wild 1 - weekend minx

Today has been about renovating once more, but it would seem the focus has been on the wonderful abundance that comes about with spring. Our friends and neighbours turned up this morning with a beautiful bunch of wild flowers for our home, stating that they simply have too many – not such a bad problem to have! Then another friend arrived to help with the work, with pots of parsley and coriander for us…. it doesn’t need to be said that we are obviously blessed when it comes to friends. But back to the renovations..

As I scraped at paint and moved hefty rocks I looked down to the much neglected (for obvious reasons) back yard. At the bottom of our land is the veggie patch, or more correctly described ex-veggie patch. At the moment you can’t see any of the hard work spent building brick surrounds, bolting together sleepers, and carefully placing apple trees in the surrounds, as everything is just so very overgrown. You can, however, see the most beautiful contained patch of wildflowers. Well it made me wander down there with my camera – I hope you have had a productive, fun, and wild weekend x

growing wild 2 - weekend minx - rocket flowers

growing wild 3 - weekend minx

growing wild 4 - weekend minx

growing wild 5 - weekend minx - clover