shopping for trees

shopping for trees - Kevin the Reindeer

shopping for trees - climbing the hill

shopping for trees - Christmas Trees in a row

This past week has been crazy. Insane, bonkers, off-the-richter, cray cray kinda crazy. This past week has consisted of;

  • 9 and 3/4 hours of Ballet Rehersals
  • 5 hours of RASA Hip Hop Rehersals
  • 2 games of Futsal
  • 3 Ballet shows of 3 hours length each
  • 1 RASA Hip Hop show of 2 hours length
  • 1 game of Flipperball
  • 1 Birthday Party
  • and the Santa Parade

See – bonkers! We have a very tired, but very happy and content, household. As you can probably imagine there has not been much time for pausing, so I thought I would share with you some pictures from the previous weekend when we headed to the Christmas Tree Farm to get our tree. We just love this experience, and it’s turned into quite the Christmas ritual for us. We admire Kevin the Reindeer, we feed Bambi, we run amongst trees, we bicker over tree shapes, we select our tree and have it cut for us, we drive home with a pine-scented car and 2 children being poked in the neck/leg/arm by pine needles, we put on the Christmas music, we decorate the tree in what can only be described as a decorating frenzy, and then we sit on the couch together with the camera set to timer and take our yearly Family Christmas Photo.

shopping for trees - rediscovering the Christmas books


Admittedly this day has it’s own level of bonkers, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. What are your traditions for starting the Christmas buzz?


Northern Artery Christmas Market

Northern Artery Christmas Fair - buzzing with crowds

Northern Artery Christmas Fair - little minx stall

Northern Artery Christmas Fair - little minx Tablet Sleeves

Northern Artery Christmas Fair - little minx Christmas Bunting


Today was the much anticipated Northern Artery Christmas Market – a wonderful event organised and run by a fantastic group of enthusiastic and energetic woman. The day they put on is so good – the energy of this Market is like none I have ever experienced before, it is light and bubbly and happy, frequented by an interested bunch of locals. There is a small café area set up with tables covered in vintage table cloths, with vintage vases filled with flowers from the organisers gardens. Tea and coffee are served in antique bone china tea cup & saucer sets, and come with a delicious serve of home baking. Music seeps over the crowds from an amp in the corner, interrupted every now and then by live performances from a local orchestral band, and then later by a Choir made up of members of Northern Artery members and keen locals. The stall holders are all of such a high calibre that it is extremely hard not to just spend all of your earnings!

Northern Artery Christmas Fair - 'behind the scenes'

Northern Artery Christmas Fair - the choir performs to the crowd

It is such a lovely day – and it was so lovely to break out some of my little minx items again. Ah, days gone by for me…. I would like to say a huge thank you to the talented organisers for continuing to put together these amazing markets x


quiet Saturdays

quiet saturdays 1 - weekend minx - rainy window

quiet saturdays 2 - weekend minx - building tracks

Something deep down in me says that I shouldn’t be as happy as I am when you get up on a Saturday and it’s gray, and it’s rainy, & you don’t have anywhere you need to be… but I choose to ignore that wee voice and instead sit with my original thought of gosh it’s nice when you are forced to potter all day long! Today has been all about lounging, hanging, building, creating, and playing. We have barely left the house – I will admit that some of us (me) haven’t left at all – and have used this inside-y day to the best of our ability. And joy of joys, after a hefty tidy up and organise in the work room I started my first sewing project in nearly two months! Happy as a pig in mud x

quiet saturdays 3 - weekend minx

to the Fair

To the Fair

a bit late for a weekend post, sorry, I have been a bit unwell. The weekend has flown past – as it tends to. More renovations, more planning, and some researching about the next move in our lives. Sunday, however, was taken up with the bi-annual School Fair at Mia’s school. A fantastic day of filled with browsing, eating, shopping, and, for Mia, a little high flying.

growing wild

growing wild 1 - weekend minx

Today has been about renovating once more, but it would seem the focus has been on the wonderful abundance that comes about with spring. Our friends and neighbours turned up this morning with a beautiful bunch of wild flowers for our home, stating that they simply have too many – not such a bad problem to have! Then another friend arrived to help with the work, with pots of parsley and coriander for us…. it doesn’t need to be said that we are obviously blessed when it comes to friends. But back to the renovations..

As I scraped at paint and moved hefty rocks I looked down to the much neglected (for obvious reasons) back yard. At the bottom of our land is the veggie patch, or more correctly described ex-veggie patch. At the moment you can’t see any of the hard work spent building brick surrounds, bolting together sleepers, and carefully placing apple trees in the surrounds, as everything is just so very overgrown. You can, however, see the most beautiful contained patch of wildflowers. Well it made me wander down there with my camera – I hope you have had a productive, fun, and wild weekend x

growing wild 2 - weekend minx - rocket flowers

growing wild 3 - weekend minx

growing wild 4 - weekend minx

growing wild 5 - weekend minx - clover


Sundays - weekend minx blog

sundays - The Kitchen Table Café Dunedin

Sundays. Lazy, slow, quiet, filled with Sunday morning tv, web surfing, eating, and lazing. Into town for a pre-game lunch at a favourite café, then two hours spent at the local pool. Home for dinner and discussing the week ahead. Folding a weeks worth of washing, planning tomorrows movements.

Sundays. A long way away from perfect, but really, not too shabby.

Mia’s Room

Mia's room

Mia's room - renovated op shop drawers and a little minx Hairclip House

Mia's room - little minx Bunting

Yesterday was filled with more house renovations, so much so that I was too bushed at the end of the day to blog! To start with I finally completed Mia’s room – and yes I am completely aware of the irony that now it is done we are planning on selling and leaving. Best I don’t leave the next room 7 years before finishing it.

We sold a piece of furniture recently from her room that allowed for a shift around, and it all works so much better now. Top that off with the Frozen poster I had hidden away, and we have a very happy young lady. As you can see it’s a very girly room, all pinks, whites, and blues, but it really suits her. I find it funny when taking photo’s to realise just how many things are in her room that I have made for her – the Quilt Cover, the Hairclip House, the Bow Tie Hairclips, the Bunting, and the dolls. That room is a mini living history!

Mia's room - the Pew/bookcase