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Toitu Anzac Display

Toitu - 'would you volunteer to go to WW1?'

Toitu - 'no it would be scary'

Christmas is right there – if you stretch out your fingers you can almost touch it. The year is drawing to a close, the madness has almost stopped, school is completely out and we are almost in relax mode (almost). It does take a while for everyone to settle into themselves again, especially after the insanity of the many end-of-year celebrations, and the excitement and emotion that all this holds. Reuben has finished Intermediate, Mia left behind her ‘favourite teacher ever’, Simon has been working pretty much 7 days a week as it’s the busy season for him, and I am still adjusting to a full-time schedule.

Today we went to visit Toitu Early Settlers Museum for our yearly visit to Pixie Town, but ended up spending a lot more time viewing the wonderfully curated World War I anniversary exhibitions. So much to think about and to try to digest. This year, between some really amazing doco’s on Sky and exhibitions such as these, I truly feel like I have a much more involved view of what life during war time would have been like.  I will never really get it, it’s not something I will hopefully ever have to fully conceive, but I find the effort that has gone into keeping these stories alive truly wonderful. The children both really fell into the images and stories, reading excerpts and engaging in the history. Later we came home and discussed the war further, along with World War II and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Really, when it comes down to quantifying the business and craziness of our lives, it really doesn’t hold up a match to living during these times – and we do know how lucky we are.


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